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Food Collective

Food Collective brings Chefs & food suppliers together to help feed the community. Use your Chef-power to help feed Kiwi’s in need. Every time you shop it makes a difference.

Food Collective aims to help rescue food within the New Zealand hospitality industry! This is a joint initiative between Unilever Food Solutions, KiwiHarvest, Kaibosh and of course you.


Make a difference and be rewarded

Food Collective is an opportunity to make a difference in your community - an initiative that is made complete by you. With every case of Unilever Food Solutions products purchased, 50c will be donated on your behalf to Kaibosh and KiwiHarvest who will deliver a meal to someone in need. Isn't it wonderful that as a Chef you can make a real difference and be rewarded as well?

Watch to learn more about Food Collective and see how you can make a difference and be rewarded.


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